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Big business place holds feed and chair of video of pasturage product market

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Gongzhu) big business place faces membership to hold yesterday " Chinese feed and pasturage product market are analysed and look into " video lecture, wang Jun of investment vise general manager is opposite well-known investor Zhen Hua on invitation trend of development of product of industry of current home feed, pasturage undertook expectation. He says, feed cost urges the development climate that breeding price cost to rise is domestic feed and stock raising, current feed business should be taken an active part in to risk of option market avoid, future should pay close attention to domestic meat products and company of soya-bean oil treatment to be opposite particularly the demand of soja and corn.

According to member of big business institute service ministry concerns chief introduction, this the lecture is big business place since September afterwards " second borrow the crisis " , " produce an area to inspect summary " , " report of American Ministry of Agriculture is unscrambled " later chair of held the 4th video, this a series of lectures are resonant in member unit and broad investor good.

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