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Dazhou city begins milk giving birth to delicacy and milk cow feed special inspe

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Be opposite to answer " incident of 3 deer milk powder " , since September 13, the our city began milk giving birth to delicacy and milk cow feed inside whole town limits special inspection.

One, the leader takes seriously, fulfil responsibility. Held water to hold the post of a group leader by Licaiming of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of city poultry provision, director, special inspection job leads the milk giving birth to delicacy that Xiong Jianping of member of leading Party group, deputy director general holds the post of assistant group leader and milk cow feed group, fulfil city milkings control stand to be in charge of the routine of special inspection, made clear each county, city, area to suckle quality and quality of milk cow feed to have apanage government to Xian Niu is born inside this area under administration.

2, overall organization begins safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy and quality of milk cow feed special inspection. According to government of Dazhou city people " good about doing the urgent announcement that accident of great safety of milk powder of recipe of infant of 3 deer card should work to dealing with " (the government office that amount to city is sent [2008]26 date) spirit, according to province bureau " the urgent announcement that about beginning raw bright milk and milk cow feed special inspection monitors " (plain cultivate feeds case [2008]392 date) , my bureau " suckle quality safety about beginning unripe Xian Niu the urgent announcement of special inspection " (amount to city, bureau of provision of poultry of each county, city, area began the quality safety that feed of bright milk and milk cow gives birth to inside area under administration quickly to check, this week, check milk cow breed aquatics in all door 45, superintend 200 second, the examination receives a grandma to stand 2. Through checking discovery, industry of milk of Tian Youxi tower has station receiving a grandma oneself 2, state of sanitation of station receiving a grandma is better, did not discover 3 get together cyanogen amine; It is better that each milk cow breeds a wholesome state, appliance is cleaned, disinfection achieve a requirement basically, without use banned medicines and chemical reagents, banned additive and feed of animal source sex to wait violate compasses act, without add 3 get together cyanogen amine phenomenon; Milk cow breed aquatics many dregs of rice with corn, beans for milk cow main concentrated feed, discover an use Chengdu hopes only outstanding 7618 milk cow produce the Xijiefasite of limited company grandma period complement expects. The our city is not had " the student is drinkable grandma " company of the production that decide a dot.

3, liquid state of industry of milk of Tian Youxi tower suckles Sichuan the eligible label that the label is examine and verify of bureau of qualitative check of classics our city, already did not use at present do not accord with plain feed case [the old label that 2008]230 date notices a requirement. The member that province, city pledges inspect bureau already was sent is entered be stationed in this enterprise.
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