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Heibei Shijiazhuang city publishs policy to give aid to grandma farming

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Xinhua net Shijiazhuang on September 22 report (reporter Dong Zhiyong) to protect grandma farming interest, utmost ground reduces grandma farming loss, shijiazhuang city came on stage a few days ago made concerned policy measure give give aid to.

These measure include:

- - take finance urgent allowance policy. Produce milk cow to whole town amount of livestock on hand, press everyday allowance of every 10 yuan of standards, since September 20 of short duration fills 10 days, finance of allowance capital city, county presses 5 ∶ 5 burdens. Amount of amount of livestock on hand of milk cow of county of travel the Tang Dynasty is large, finance burden is heavier, finance of city, county presses 8 ∶ 2 burdens.

- - right feed of grandma farming silage gives loan support. Coordinate agency of credit of Agriculture Bank, country actively to wait for department of experience farming finance, it is grandma farming to provide ensiling fodder small loan. Finance offers loan discount, deadline of pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange 3 months, finance of city, county presses 5 ∶ 5 burdens.

- - start 3 deer enterprise to return quickly still suckle farming carry out to suckle a job. It is an unit with the county, as soon as possible collect circumstance and enterprise are checked. The enterprise clutchs plan market fund, extend cash.

- - much channel digests bright grandma. Each county (city) the area makes clear person specially assigned for a task to stare at do, strengthen with circumjacent milkings manufacturing company contacts a butt joint, fulfil bright grandma to buy a contract. Give aid to this locality milkings produces an enterprise to enlarge production, concerned branch does well actively for the enterprise service. City finance plans special fund, supportive industry is bought special detect equipment.

- - do well instructor of milk cow breed aquatics and service. Personnel of technology of various pasturage vet enters into the village bag door, it is grandma farming actively to offer science to raise, epidemic disease is prevented accuse to wait for instructor, adopt technical measure, reduce hard breed cost. In the meantime, optimize Niu Qun structure actively, wash out milk cow of low yield of troops make up of the old and weak in time, protect resource of high grade milk cow.

- - the quality that enhances site receiving a grandma is superintended. To every grandma station accredits quality supervisor, father to produce bright milk, buy, store up, sell each segment, ensure delicacy suckles quality.

- - expedite delicacy suckles carriage passageway. Passageway of open up green, collect pass by, fee crossing the bridge to carrying the car that delicacy suckles to be avoided entirely. To buying, the car that carries bright grandma must not be checked at will buckle and fine, ensure expedite.

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