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First estate fund will establish food industry commissariat treatment industry i

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"Auspicious food group will launch the industrial fund that establishs industry of a food, the orgnaization that have fun at can be contacted with us. The orgnaization that have fun at can be contacted with us..

On September 20, jiang Jianhua of assistant president of Jilin food group, standing vise general manager is in " seminar of information of oily market of 2008 autumn grain " on, give out to full-court enterprise invite.

Jiang Jianhua discloses to our newspaper reporter subsequently, the administrative company of this fund has held water, predicting next month can begin collect, capital of first phase collect predicts to be controlled in 500 million yuan.

Its invest direction to will be commissariat deep treatment, content shedding to wait for a domain, share grain option market likely set period keep a cost.

This will be Chinese food industry fund of the first estate. Its give the time of furnace, be worth commissariat to machine the sensitive period of the industry: A large number of deep treatment and trade company loss perhaps are close to closing down. And the business of foreign capital food that regards significant investment as force, before entering commissariat to machine an industry to already was done not have a few years so easy. For instance, change according to sending appoint come on stage recently " the directive opinion that develops about promoting soja to machine industry health " , business of foreign capital food entered this industry to be restricted.

   Fund of auspicious food industry starts

500 million yuan to other industry it is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation, but to food industry, had had certain dimensions.

And the policy that enterprise of because China is progressively contractive foreign capital enters food industry, cast the foreign capital to food industry relatively other industry is not much, 2007, agricultural investment occupies Chinese FDI scale to be not worth 3% . Invest the biggest foreign capital commissariat to machine group of company profit sea in China at present, its invest rice and soja treatment in beautiful Mu Si, so-called produce grain to save the project of commissariat deep treatment with the biggest Heilongjiang greatly, also do not pass 3 period invest 1 billion yuan.

Show according to publishing a material, although auspicious food group is at present China is next to in the treatment of the 2nd big commissariat of grain and trade group, up to on June 30, 2008, total of capital of face of Zhang of auspicious food group five billion five hundred and twenty-six million nine hundred and ninety-three thousand one hundred yuan, indebted add up to four billion six hundred and sixty-four million eight hundred and ninety thousand nine hundred yuan, net assets 900 million the left and right sides,

In a few years of in the past, auspicious grain has tried to introduce strategic investor early or late, appear on the market wait for a variety of channel to plan market fund, but because all sorts of reasons fail,succeed.
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