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Zhuhai produces feed never check goes out 3 get together bureau of agriculture o

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Zhuhai produces feed never check goes out 3 get together bureau of agriculture of cyanogen amine city enhances strength of autumn sampling observation

Yesterday, the province inspection team that visits food medicines and chemical reagents to supervise Chen Yuansheng of management board director to head a group comes to the our city, inspection dairy products produces sale status. Check group of reports that listen to deputy mayor Deng Qunfang, and the spot checked supermarket, hospital and children education orgnaization, deal with to the our city 3 get together each job in incident of pollution of cyanogen amine food expresses affirmation. The reporter learns from the meeting, city agriculture bureau is annual the feed on market of our city of two fixed sampling observation, the feed of 23 companies production never discovers Zhuhai contain 3 get together cyanogen amine.

Deng Qunfang reported our city near future to be checked in infant sieve, wear below problem product, dairy produce is supervised wait for many sided to work. As we have learned, up to 22 days, accumulative total of city agriculture bureau checked farm of 90 milk cow (door) , 4 milk station, 15 feed produce a business, all do not have unusual.

"We are annual age each once feed is checked greatly, to including bovine feed inside each grow breed animal feed has sampling observation, sample is to send Guangdong the province animal drug and feed are censorial total place examines. 23 feed produce Zhuhai enterprise, never discover to be contained in sample 3 get together cyanogen amine. " Huang Dong of deputy director general of city agriculture bureau says, just meet now sampling observation of feed autumn routine, city agriculture bureau increased sampling observation strength, increase amount of sampling observation sample to reach examine project, ensure feed is safe, at present sample already service visits censorial place, wait to examine result.

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