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Allowance of every milk cow special punish spreads out feed of city of 500 yuan

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The safety of quality of grandma of whole town raw material that the reporter holds from yesterday understands on the conference, current, company of treatment of our city all dairy produce begins to execute double detect system, after raw material grandma enters the arena to detect and be machined, leave factory namely detect, in order to ensure unripe delicacy suckles quality safety on the market. In the meantime, various pasturage branch also will be accelerated since this day fulfil every 500 yuan milk cow straight filling policy. Congratulate of deputy mayor Wang Lin attends the meeting.

As we have learned, city pasturage bureau expedited 10 superintend and director twice to check with 20 days on September 16 group, supermarket of company of treatment of village of milk cow of development whole town, milkings, bazaar undertake superintend and director guides with survey, have villages of pair of 97 milk cow of whole town from 18 days () raw material grandma and milk cow feed have sampling observation, already collected sampling observation delicacy to suckle sample 97, feed sample 41, the example of 96 bright grandmas that gives a result at present is all and eligible.

To assure to suckle source quality from fountainhead, come since this day on October 20, whole town will begin feed quality safety special punish works. Punish key includes: Albumen feed produces the albumen raw material of enterprise, large feed business, milk cow produces enterprise and raw material, milk cow farm door match feed oneself. The conference asks each district asks according to plan, organize special force, begin inspection of the type that help a network, put an end to stoutly add in feed 3 get together the phenomenon of the harmful and chemical material such as cyanogen amine.

Reduce the pecuniary loss of grandma farming for utmost, ensure benefit farming policy falls to real point, every 500 yuan milk cow fills to also be about to enter continuously extend level. Be aimed at current difficulty, the deliverance that each district also will publish provisionality the allowance policy of grandma farming, adopt a variety of forms to help grandma farming overshoot difficulty.

King forest congratulate asks various government and business section must raise quality safety consciousness, with responsibility heart of height and mission feeling, act on responsible to the party, responsible to people spirit, cogent strengthen a leadership, fulfil raw material to suckle quality to superintend system of job responsibility in the round, measure is stressed on the job, detail is caught on measure, catch on detail fulfil, ensure personnel reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, the job reachs the designated position. Because every works not do one's best, cause raw material to suckle quality safety to superintend out of control, of occurrence quality accident, want to investigate the duty that is in charge of leader and party.

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