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Huhhot begins feed to add 3 get together cyanogen amine is special punish acts

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The reporter understands yesterday, superintend to enhance security of quality of metropolis feed market, severe blow is added illegally in feed 3 get together cyanogen amine and the illegal behavior such as all sorts of impure cheat, begin from September 19, huhhot city farming office of job of feed of animal husbandry bureau produces enterprise, management enterprise and farm to the feed inside whole town limits (door) begin by a definite date to be added illegally of 3 many months 3 get together the special punish of cyanogen amine acts.

As we have learned, key of action spot check is special punish: Law of Central Africa of milk cow feed is added 3 get together the accretion such as cyanogen amine; The product is secrete lacteal period milk cow condenses makings of complement of feed, product, farm (door) from burden and albumen raw material; The amount is 1000~1500 feed sample, among them, sample number of sampling observation of company of every feed production not less than 2. In check out procedure, working office will be opposite Huhhot city feed to be added illegally 3 get together the deadline of make known to lower levels of feed production company of cyanogen amine rectifies and reform advice note bulletin of hand-in-hand travel media, at the same time according to " feed and feed additive regulation " concerned regulation undertakes investigating, serious to the clue business will give close down or ban, person of direct to its responsibility turns over judiciary processing lawfully. Additional, the action returns special punish to investigate severity " 3 without " (without feed production examines certificate of approval, implement a standard without the product, report without certificate of proof) feed product, produce an enterprise to undertake banning to its. Inform against a phone to be (0471) 5965267, 5965639.

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