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China is defeated by Han Yu feedstuff to contain 3 get together cyanogen amine h

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According to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on September 23 report (brilliant of reporter Tan Jing, Hou Lijun) Jiang Yu of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes it clear that on routine press conference concerned Korea imports a fish from China 23 days contain in feedstuff 3 get together the hearsay of cyanogen amine.

Jiang Yu says, the section just is concerned in after from Internet know concerned a message on September 19, instantly with respect to Chinese squid circumstance of splanchnic and pulverous exit undertakes investigating. Classics is preliminary check, company of splanchnic pink production does not have the squid that via examining quarantine orgnaization registers to had exported relevant product to Korea. At present Han Founder pollutes origin circumstance in further investigation.

Another report has reporter query, according to the report, 24 battleplan just will sell to Venezuela in, you whether confirm?

Jiang Yu says, what mention about this reporter is medium appoint circumstance of army trade collaboration, she does not master. (people)

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