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Sampling observation of feed of ox of milk of another name for Guangdong Provinc

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Report from our correspondent (reporter / Chen Qinghao's reporter / He Xia) in September 16-22 day, drug of animal of province of Guangdong of organization of province agriculture office and feed are censorial standard of agriculture of city of total place, Guangzhou and the center that monitor is opposite respectively the milk cow farm of 4 city such as city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, benefit and current state and grandma station undertook milk and milk cow feed 3 get together cyanogen amine is special selective examination. This special selectived examination to detect in all farm of 26 milk cow (among them, guangzhou 19, shenzhen 3, benefit city 1, current state 3) suckle a station with 2 (benefit city) 37 milk sample, farm of 16 milk cow (among them, guangzhou 8, shenzhen 3, benefit city 2, current state 3) sample of feed of 21 milk cow, selective examination sample is all and eligible, go out without check 3 get together cyanogen amine.

In September 18-20 day, province agriculture hall forms the special inspection group that leads conduction band group by hall, 3 unripe Xian Niu such as city of Guangzhou of leave for different destinations, benefit, current state suckle main production to consume the ground to begin special inspection. Inspection team organization is contained to already was being reported 3 get together the farm suckling a source of the company of milk powder production of cyanogen amine, base begins a key to monitor. In the meantime, requirement each district does bulletin of information of safety of quality of exceedingly bright milk to send the work seriously, guide dairy produce consumption actively, help help grandma farming up to maintain milk cow breed aquatics, stable milk industry expands a base.

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