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National superintend and director guides the feed that suckle a station rectifie

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Integrated Xinhua News Agency report yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture combines superintend and director 8 times to guide jointly with the composition of ministries and commissions such as public security, sanitation group, attend 16 milk cow such as Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei and feed production advocate produce a province (area, city) be not with the part advocate produce a province (area, city) , superintend and director guides grandma station and feed clear rectify the job.

Concern chief introduction according to the Ministry of Agriculture, superintend and director guides the core job of the group has 4:

1. Understand a situation. Visit investigation on the spot through mill of thorough farmer, farm, feed, understanding each district suckles station current situation to register tabulation case, and grandma giving birth to delicacy buys metabolic situation.

2. Supervise and urge rectify. Detailed knowledge each district begins a grandma to stand special punish local government and sectional liability fulfil a circumstance.

3. Drive superintend. Thorough knowledge is current segment of production of milk cow breed aquatics and feed quality safety superintend a circumstance, supervise and urge install all inspection to measure the job.

4. Solve a problem. Guide through superintend and director survey, cogent the outstanding issue that in understanding grandma farming to suckle a sale in unripe delicacy, exists, and clear the difficulty in rectifying the job, be raised to how building milk cow and suckle a station to superintend lasting effect mechanism to offer practical proposal.

The reporter pledges from the country check total bureau learns yesterday, up to now, the whole nation pledges check system is stationed in factory superintendency group 1644 times to garrison company of treatment of dairy produce production entirely.

■ the company acts

316 enterprises do grandma character to measure sincere letter compliance

Acceptance is cogent the mission that assumes a person of responsibility of product quality safety first

Report cheated Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on September 24 bovine milk industry, Yi Li, light, 3 yuan, emperor yuan, Shi En (Guangzhou) wait for 109 milk products of countrywide to produce enterprise and Beijing supermarket to send beauty of chain joint-stock company, Beijing Lian Meilian locks up commercial limited company, Hua Lianchao, 23 days of combination are released " quality of company of produce and sale of Chinese milk products sincere letter is enunciative " .

Quality sincere letter is enunciative (have abbreviate) :

Enterprise of produce and sale of our milk products is collective and affirmatory: Inspect quality to be life, it is with sincere letter essential, cogent the mission that assumes a person of responsibility of product quality safety first, perform social duty.

Our milk products produces company commitment: (one) severe close into the factory, put an end to stoutly unqualified former complementary makings enters manufacturing segment (2) system of date from of quality of ceaseless and perfect product; (3) severe leave factory close, strict quality inspection, build liability system, to leaving factory milk products is approved batch examine; (4) perform product quality duty strictly, go out to check 3 get together all milk products of cyanogen amine are all recall, overall to concerning product line stop production is rectified; Right drinkable contain 3 get together cyanogen amine milk products sends ill customer, according to the country concerned regulation assumes liability to pay compensation.
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