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Jilin city Manchu home village or town relies on corn straw capital attraction 1

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In recent years district of city of Jilin city prosperous two child Manchu countryside Party committee begins capital attraction work around corn straw all the time, drew 120 million yuan industrial project settle eventually recently.

Jilin city two child Manchu countryside belongs to pure agriculture countryside, agriculture is resourceful, develop modernly because of agriculture in last few years, the fuel that corn straw is treated as to warm oneself and lost its due value. Actually corn straw is contained rich nutrition and available chemical composition, can use the raw material that makes stock raising feed. Long-term since, corn straw is one of raw material of the main coarse fodder of domestic animals. Concerned assay result makes clear, the protein of 4 % of ~ of the carbohydrate that corn straw contains 30 % above, 2 % and 0. 5 % , of 1 % adipose, already but ensiling, also but direct raise is fed. With respect to herbivore character, the corn straw weightening finish of 2kg is equivalent to the corn seed bead of 1kg, after waiting for processing via ensiling, yellow lay aside, ammoniation and saccharify especially, can raise utilization rate, benefit will be contended for more considerable. According to studying an analysis, the digestible energy that contains in corn straw is 2235. 8kJ/kg, and nutrition is rich, total energy and grazing comparative. Undertake be machininged subtly handling to corn straw, make feed of tall nutrition domestic animals, be helpful for developing stock raising not only, and cross an abdomen to return cropland through straw, have favorable zoology beneficial result and economic benefits more. With two child countryside cultivates villages and towns for the corn inside 30 kilometers radius of the center 9, its cultivate an area to be 41137 hectare, can produce corn straw 678760 tons. Such big crop can satisfy the requirement that builds feed plant completely.

Two child the pursuit of leader of Manchu countryside Party committee with persistence and genuine service, pledge at saving grand heart being with Jilin August fuel limited company is in government of prosperous city district signed feed of corn straw grain to build a project. This project always invests 120 million yuan, first phase invests 12 million yuan, undertook infrastructure is built on September 10, end had trial production in October, in June 2009 end 2 period project end has mass production, year feed of producible corn straw 300 thousand tons, industrial production value will achieve 180 million yuan, profit tax can amount to 46.8 million yuan.

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