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Ningxia begins quality of feed of milk giving birth to delicacy special install

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On September 17, cadre of farming herd hall goes to the municipality 5 city begin whole area to give birth to bright milk and feed quality safety special inspection, ensure my area suckles an industry " the first workshop " safe.

Suckling an industry is Ningxia agriculture 5 big strategical one of dominant industries. To ensure my area gives birth to bright milk and feed quality safety, take strict precautions against unqualified raw milk to enter treatment segment, farming herd hall comprised the municipality quickly to lead conduction band group by hall level, pasturage, feed, agriculture executes the law the superintend group that the expert forms, 5 city begin leave for different destinations the job. Yesterday, the reporter follows check toward Yinchuan, Wu Zhong before superintend group, in Wei Wei lacteal industry is set in the palm politics the bright grandma of depression road buys a place, the member that the reporter sees the company detects suckles sampling to do except each pails of delicacy that will buy fresh degree, maltose, inferior the index such as odour of salt, grow, urea detects outside, still leave appearance recapture company to make detect further, and the spot detects index is all and eligible. Breed in Jin He reporter of course of study sees, this company breeds from feed treatment, milk cow, milk, product treatment executes whole sealing management, nonexistent intermediate link, reduced safe hidden danger.

Municipality requirement of farming herd hall is various farming herd branch must cogent do exceedingly Xian Niu to suckle special inspection to work. Area of each city county should cooperate check of safety of quality of municipal animal food actively to measure a center to begin examine monitor, ensure unripe Xian Niu suckles quality safety, health of stimulative milk industry stabilizes development.

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