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Pakistan and United States will fulfil wheaten entrance to trade by Yu Jiuyue

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Beijing De Runlin on September 2 message: Pakistan food, agriculture and pasturage ministry (MINFAL) to economy the committee that monitor said on September 1, 50 thousand tons United States wheat purchases a contract to will be fulfilled on September 30, similar agreement gives formulate between two countries subsequently, the help increases Pakistan home wheaten reserve, satisfy requirement.

MINFAL still alluded to the economic committee that monitor American winter wheat purchases an agreement. Monitor committee to say to economy, wheat of 500 thousand tons of Canada imports matters concerned to also be about to fulfil.

The demand of different area of basis of Ministry of Agriculture of requirement of finance minister SyedNaveedQamar and foreign currency demand hand over wheaten entrance to ask.

Pakistan government has decided to import 2.5 million tons of wheat, satisfy the demand that country increases considerably. Pakistan government had held 1.5 million tons of wheaten invite public bidding to meet, the rest wheat will pay to be imported from the United States and Canada through delay, avoid foreign exchange reserve to drop quickly.

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