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American corn crop or achieve demand of historical the second world to put delay

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American Ministry of Agriculture is newest forecast a report to show, the effect that although get,big damage caused by waterlogging feels, american corn crop predicts to will still achieve 123 billion bushel this year (1 bushel approximates 25.4 kilograms) , crop ranks the history the 2nd perch. But the world puts delay to the demand of corn, 2008/2009 year corn trades the quantity will reduce 10 % .

Economy of American Ministry of Agriculture studies the newest feed crop of the service center forecasts a report to point out, american corn crop predicts to be 123 billion bushel this year, increase 57.3 million bushel than last year, crop will rank the history the 2nd perch. Every acre crop predicts corn this year will achieve 155 bushel, prep above last year every acre the level of 151.1 bushel. If this number is able to come true, every acre crop will achieve corn historical second record.

American agriculture department thinks, corn specific yield rises with density of plant of every acre corn have more powerful connection. American agriculture department is right on August 1 10 corn such as Yilinuoyi, indiana advocate produced an area to undertake investigating, undertake to statistical number average hind, the result makes clear average density of plant of every acre corn rises somewhat, among them the density of plant of every acre corn of 6 cities such as Su Da achieves Yilinuoyi, indiana, bright Buddhist nun historical record.

As a result of the effect that big damage caused by waterlogging feels, with compared last year, american corn estimates those who reduced about 7 % to grow an area this year. As a result of this year in June rainfall of a few local high strenth, cause the flood, partial corn produces an area to be affected. Service center of statistic of agriculture of whole nation of American Ministry of Agriculture had probe to the corn cropper of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area. Investigation shows, with compared in June, corn cultivated an area to reduce 350 thousand acre, gross area is 8700 acre, reduced 7 % than last year. Nevertheless, corn cultivated an area to still be achieved since 1946 the 2nd tall, be next to 2007.

The report of service center of research of economy of American Ministry of Agriculture says cropper people the farmland that predicts to there can be 79.3 million acre this year obtains a bumper harvest, the land area of the bumper harvest and photograph comparing should reduce 8 % last year, but should increase 350 thousand acre than the area of predicting bumper harvest this year June. If be able to cash, also will achieve since 1944 record of second of bumper harvest area, be next to last year.

American Ministry of Agriculture still is forecasted in the report, 2008/2009 year, because use as,the wheaten increase production of feed and price go low, can replace corn, add macroeconomic of on a few countries put delay, the world decreases possibly to the demand of corn, predict to trade the quantity may have 88 million tons only, reduce 10 % left and right sides than on one year. Among them, because European Union interior includes,wheat is mixed other use as the grain crop of feed increases, the 27 amounts that the country imports corn will decrease the European Union reach 4 million tons, with on one year photograph comparing decreases 130 thousand tons suddenly. The corn of Korea 2008/2009 year imports a quantity to also will drop somewhat, it is 8.2 million tons about, the reason also is to be able to make the low class wheat of feed import pair of corn to form the force that replace.
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