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Lei Man goes bankrupt American couplet store reach banking circulating fund to h

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Phoenix is defended inspect " inscriptions finance and economics " broadcasted on September 15 program, it is literal memoir below:

Liu Fang: American banking industry appears substantially queasy, lei Man applies for to go bankrupt, and American bank announces will sum buys company of complete beauty's biggest negotiable securities Shang Meilin.

The financial storm that economist Xie Guozhong thinks to say this means the United States has come, and an original and formidable banking empire is already flimsy can't bear biff, but China gains a ground or want careful.

The newest report that Magenshidanli publishs thinks to say real-estate industry of China will have broken down, appeal the government helps city at once, and course of study of so called Bank of China also is met likely get because of this embroil.

" inscriptions finance and economics " , touch a stone and turn it into gold, everybody is good, I am Liu Fang.

What should have a look above all is now global money market is linked together cheek by jowl, all things are to be together repeatedly. Every morning to on Monday when, before the stock market of Asia-Pacific area wants reopen after a cessation of business, do a lot of people want advertent American federal what newest action does reserve bureau have after all? Possible meeting brings very big change to global market, so when Asia-Pacific region stock market receives a new week today, happened on American money market very tremendous queasy.

The Lei Man of bank of the 6th large investment's brother that is the United States above all is abrupt announce to will apply for to go bankrupt Chapter11, also mean say the 6th American this large investment bank minute minutes to be about likely to close down immediately really. The message that sends at the same time is the United States the biggest negotiable securities business also is the United States the 3rd big investment bank beautiful Lin Gong manages will be bought by sum of bank of BankofAmerica United States.

The news that beautiful Lin Gong manages one this when publish is concerned is announced emphasize saying this one new orgnaization will create an unprecedented new-style finance orgnaization in draft, but anyway, such message hands down to go up to the market was to drop a very big bomb. American federal announces to say to will provide more fund liquidity before reserve bureau, the hope can let the market overshoot at once difficulty.

American couplet store reach banking circulating fund to help city

Explanation: American couplet store bureau announce to relax trade in project of trade credit tool, assure acceptabilitily taste limits, and announce widen fixed negotiable securities assures acceptabilitily in leasehold tool project taste limits. Couplet store bureau chairman Bainake calls the United States couplet store bureau and abroad authorities undertake close together arrange with with respect to market situation, american negotiable securities trades committee expresses to taking step, ensure the client of Lei Man's brother won't be had the negative effect of incident by this, include the client's negotiable securities and cash segregation, what and can win place of company of protection of investor of American negotiable securities offer is safe.
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