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Brazil releases newest grain crop to report total last year output amounts to 14

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People net dispatch reporter Wu Zhihua reported Brasilia on September 8: The whole nation that Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture belongs to supplies a company (Conab) announced crop of grain of Brazilian 2007/08 year to report today. The report says, brazilian grain total output achieved 43.87 million tons 100 million last year, grow 9.2% compared to the same period, it is crop of the grain on Brazilian history a most year.

Grain crop of Brazil is to point to the corn such as seed of 蔴 of rice of corn, wheaten, paddy, soja, broomcorn, oaten, earthnut, cotton, helianthus, Bi crop, among them 82.46% what corn and soybean crop hold grain total output. Year of Brazilian grain production is from came in August in those days till second year July statistical calculative. The whole nation supplies a company to be in charge of total to cereal output undertaking investigating statistic, publish investigation statistic report 12 times early or late. What announce today is report of the last statistic.

The report says, brazilian corn produced per year a quantity to be 58.59 million tons last year, increase production 7.21 million tons, grow 14% than on one year. Soja produces per year a quantity is 60.05 million tons, increase production 1.66 million tons, grow 2.8% than on one year. Additional, brazilian wheat crop achieved 3.82 million tons last year, increase production 71% ; Paddy rice crop 12.1 million tons, increase production 7% ; Miscellaneous beans crop 3.52 million tons, grow 5.2% . Although wheaten output growth is very rapid, but the need that still cannot satisfy home.

46.21 million hectare of a year raised area of establish of Brazilian cereal species to the 47.36 million hectare last year once upon a time, among them mid 79% what occupy countrywide cereal to grow an area with southern area, corn and soja grow an area is respectively 14.71 million hectare and 21.33 million hectare.

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