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Crop of corn of French 08/09 year is in stability 14.3 million tons

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Beijing De Runlin on September 16 message: According to French commissariat bureau (ONIGC) say, 2008/09 year (arrived in July second year in June) French corn crop predicts to be 14.3 million tons, with on year 14.4 million tons keep stable.

ONIGC predicts dosage of French home corn is 5.1 million tons, under go up year 6.1 million tons. Among them the corn dosage in mixed feed production predicts to be 3 million tons, under go up year 4.1 million tons. The corn dosage of biology fuel industry predicts to be 400 thousand tons, go up year for 0.

ONIGC predicts corn exports a quantity to be 5.4 million tons, on prep above year 5.2 million tons. It is 5.1 million tons to the export volume of other country among them, on year it is 5 million tons.

ONIGC states inventory of corn period end predicts to achieve 2.6 million tons, on prep above year 2.1 million tons.

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