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Foreign consumable company strengthens heavy goods to cover protect

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Basis " financial times " message, international food and consumable company are buying the way that reachs pair of strong heavy goods in comprehensive reform. Before this, because raw material rises in price, squashed industry profit margin, eroded company earnings, your these companies suffer serious blow.

These companies are getting lost heavy goods to trade first business will employ the member that trade, buy complex finance to trade system, in order to help the new era that oneself meets global inflation.

These decide to make clear, company tall valve has realized, wave motion of heavy goods market is not a short-term phenomenon, accept the structural sex change of the demand drive that rising market rises increasingly however.

Reynolds of hunt head firm person (business of RussellReynoldsAssociates) Europe consumable coordinates a Peter Evan (PeterEvans) expresses, these companies with fine auspicious (auspicious of Cargill) , state (Bunge) and ADM trade the company undertakes contacting, in order to seek those trade member that know turbulent market.

Corn and wheat (information, prices) wait for heavy goods price nowadays wave motion of a day with on century the amplitude of a year at the beginning of 90 time comparatives.

Food group Ma (Mars) is presiding purchase Guan Bulai Si Luo element (BriceRussell) says, because be found very hard,have experience public figure, these companies besides trade from heavy goods the company finds a person, still dig a person each other.

Official of TriplePoint company presiding sale strides Kerr Shiwaci (MichaelSchwartz) expresses: "Consumable industry company is showing pair of interest that manage n of its heavy goods at present, means and the sources of energy and metallic industry company are very similar. " the TriplePoint company that headquarters is located in the United States reachs design of wall street bank to trade for oil and mining company software.

Treasure clean company (Procter&Gamble) whole world purchases · of the gram in vice-president to rest this (RickHughes) says: "We undertake covering period the history that keeps a cost is longer, cover period the object that keep a cost is more extensive also. " Bao Jie undertakes covering to the heavy goods of all sort period keep a cost.

Combine benefit China (established before Unilever) a few months presiding purchase an official one duty. Domestic happy family name (Kellogg"s) is right already this year its the raw material n of 90% undertook covering period keep a cost, say its begin earlier to use before set period the strategy that keep a cost. 100 troubles firm (PepsiCo) expresses, it also is undertaking more covering period keep a cost.

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