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Sichuan saves poultry provision bureau to monitor the announcement of early-warn

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Heart this world, continous this world, happy hill, eyebrow hill, inside river poultry provision (vet of pasturage, pasturage) bureau, the Chengdu City farming appoint:

According to general office of Ministry of Agriculture " the announcement that monitors early-warning about starting executive egg chicken and fryer production " (farming manage herd [2008]34 date) requirement, the Ministry of Agriculture drafts from 2008 second half of the year rises, strengthen egg chicken and the trends that the fryer produces to monitor early-warning, to carry out an industry macroscopical adjusting control beforehand case lay a foundation. According to the Ministry of Agriculture egg chicken and fryer production statistic monitored early-warning project to implement plan 2008, according to the manufacturing breed character of egg chicken and fryer, draft with planting gallinaceous production and flow direction are the key that monitor, be opposite namely the course of study that raise chicken " ancestor generation, parents is acting, commodity is acting " each are acting second undertake monitoring respectively. Current, the Ministry of Agriculture already decomposed the task that monitor concerned province (city, area) , my province needs altogether monitor industry of 104 eggs chicken, fryer (field, door) . The task amount that will involve me to save relevant city state now allots your bureau (appoint) , monitor the task to express according to egg chicken and fryer respectively please (detailed sees accessory 1-2) , monitor an industry certainly according to the requirement as soon as possible < field, door > list, at email or QQ mark are being passed before July 31 with EXCEL file (format detailed sees accessory 3) feedback visits center of poultry provision information to Sichuan, in the meantime, the list of clerk of department of city class pasturage that will be in charge of this job (format detailed sees accessory 4) sign up for along with all the others send. Inform concerned item as follows now:

One, calm dot monitors an industry (field, door) affirmatory principle

1, monitor the task strictly to express field of acting chicken of pair of parents generation and commodity according to egg chicken and fryer put dimensions giving column and breed requirement to choose to order the company that monitor surely (field, door) ;

2, calm dot monitors an industry (field, door) need to have main network to report a condition;

3, if an enterprise owns field of many kinds of chicken or chicken farm, bring into with enterprise whole form monitor, identification monitoring point;

4, on the foundation that satisfying above requirement, monitor the work to go to the lavatory begin, each city can consider district, information integratedly to collect the many sided element such as personnel quality to undertake choosing.

2, the funds that monitor

To bringing into the parents of the limits that monitor era is planted gallinaceous business (field, door) take the place of with commodity fryer enterprise (field, door) , the Ministry of Agriculture will give certain information to collect funds allowance; To bringing into the amount of livestock on hand of the limits that monitor chicken of acting egg of commodity of 10 thousand above breeds an enterprise (field, door) , requirement of Ministry of Agriculture is saved each first consideration gives when standardization of executive egg chicken breeds dimensions project, of short duration of Ministry of Agriculture takes no account of information to collect funds allowance. After capital reachs the designated position, each unit achieves special fund special, raise benefit to use efficiency, ensure job of this early-warning that monitor is begun smoothly.
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