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Beijing releases Olympic Games food to implement standard plan

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During value Beijing Olympic Games times 50 days, supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology was released yesterday " plan of executive level of Olympic Games provision " . Same day, produce an enterprise to offer specialized standard to change advisory service for Olympic Games food " capital level net " debut formally also.

Supervise bureau standard to grow Introduction Chen Yanjie everywhere according to Beijing quality technology, " plan of executive level of Olympic Games provision " the index requirement of the standard that every the basic information that included a company, norms sort that offers abstruse product, product ought to implement, product and index are restricted to be worth, and examine detected standard basis. In the meantime, case of this one party offers abstruse product to be controlled from process of raw material, additive agent for food, production in the light of every, to the product pack, the label is tagged, keep in storage, carry, and of the product examine detect, made clear overall standard demand.

"Capital level net " it is the food company standard that by Beijing quality technology supervisory information institute establishs service platform. It faces Olympic Games food to supply enterprise, government to superintend branch and examine detect the orgnaization builds standard text to inquire index of database, standard compares pair of databases, examine check mark accurate database and enterprise superintend a database, index of the text inquiry that can implement relative standard of safety of Olympic Games food, standard inquires and examine the retrieval with check accurate mark, and the inquiry that food safety index is restricted to be worth and contrast, for safety of food of enterprise executive Olympic Games relative standard provides overall technical service, for the government safety of food of executive Olympic Games decides a dot to superintend provide technical support.

Before this, supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology according to Beijing government " compendium of action of safety of food of Beijing Olympic Games implemented plan 2008 " requirement, specific organization was made " executive standard of safety of Olympic Games food and applicable principle " wait for 15 places standard, covered the food that supplies the Olympic Games to be cultivated from produce breed, the treatment at the beginning of produce, food production treatment, pack, keep in storage, carry, content shedding deserves to send, food label is tagged, examine detect and the link such as date from " arrive from farm mensal " the administrative demand of whole process and technical requirement, formed what give priority to body with national level system of relatively complete standard of safety of Olympic Games food.

Beijing quality technology supervises safety of food of bureau Olympic Games to ensure Yao Ping of headquarters commander in chief to think, " plan of executive level of Olympic Games provision " release, produced a product to provide executive standard basis for food company already, also carry out calm dot to superintend for the government sector provided working basis, still detect to examine the orgnaization undertakes food examines provided standard basis. (pick from: Beijing outskirt daily)
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