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Production of conciliatory area summer grain crops presents Beijing 3 big charac

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One, of policy and price double pull move, area of stimulative summer grain crops increases considerably

Suffer commissariat to rise in price to rise with commissariat allowance and the influence that increases the policy such as zoology allowance, the farmer is planted the enthusiasm of grain rises somewhat. Conciliatory area summer grain crops sows an area to achieve 33469 mus, grow 53.3% than last year. Town of boreal room town, temple, Yang Song presses down winter wheat to sow an area to all grow 50% above, among them Yang Song presses down amplitude the biggest , sows growth of 4982 mus of , than increasing last year 105.0% . Boreal room town is old guard of conciliatory area summer grain crops, wheaten area 10090 mus, grow 56.1% than last year, 30.1% what occupy area of whole area summer grain crops. Because zoology is accessorial last year of policy carry out, this town treated naked area wheat to increase 4326 mus, except today spring the part changes outside sowing other crop, treat naked area wheat to harvest an area to still amount to 2286 mus. Only area ratio of wheat of Yang Song town, boreal room town increased 8607 mus last year, occupy 74.0% what always raise an area.

2, climate grows to wheat advantageous, stimulative per unit area yield increases

9-10 month wheat sowed seasonal soil moisture content last year appropriate, timely the wheat that sow occupies 70% above, total bine number increased compared to the same period before the winter ninety-seven thousand four hundred. Zhuang Miao twenty-one thousand nine hundred mus, 60.0% what occupy wheat to sow an area, relatively increased 10 percent last year. Conciliatory area winter wheat one, proportion of 2 kinds of seedlings is close 90% , it is wheaten Miao Qing a best year. Enter today rainfall is more seasonable since spring wheat turn green, grow to wheaten spring turn green, jointing very advantageous. According to concerning sectional statistic, come from March 1 on April 30, conciliatory area already fell 5 times continuously spit, accumulative total precipitation 70 millimeter, adjacent last year the corresponding period, than all the year round 37.8 millimeter became much 32.2 millimeter, wheaten this year jointing period shift to an earlier date than in former years 2-3 day. The more rainfall since May, assured wheaten ear the normal need , of period of form a vesicle looks from current and wheaten the way corp is growing, general good at in former years, if later period is not encountered relatively the influence such as fresh gale, hail, dry sirocco, wheaten this year mu produce increase to already was become finality. Predicting summer grain crops mu produce hopeful to achieve 301.9 kilograms, increase 6.5 kilograms than last year, grow 2.2% .

Look from predicting circumstance, conciliatory area has the garrison post that summer grain crops produces, except the bridge catalpa town affects wheat because of accepting fountainhead condition mu produce outside be being decreased slightly than last year, other town increases somewhat than last year, town of room of temple town, north predicts mu produce increase 14 kilograms of above than last year.
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