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In new network report developed innovation according to the country on June 27 appoint message, recently, the country develops innovation appoint give out jointly with the Ministry of finance " rectify experience farming price and the announcement that collect fees about clearing " , department of price of requirement each district, finance jointly with concerned branch, to involving a farmer the price of the burden is mixed collect fees undertake clearing in the round rectifying.

" announcement " requirement, each district should is opposite the price that uses education of report, country, farmer to build the aspect such as epidemic prevention of birds of room, family planning, cable television, cultivate with water with the country closely related life of agricultural production, farmer and collect fees policy undertakes clearing in the round, want inconsequently to give cancel; The price or rate want exorbitantly to give reduce. " announcement " emphasize, any branches, unit runs cost of sex of career of constituent collection administration to farmer or agricultural production must code of be good law sets; Offer management sex service to must hold to freewill principle, forbidden and compulsory service collects fees or collect fees only the behavior that does not serve. An aggravating farmer burden that forbidden concerned branch and unit lend new rural area construction.

For cogent consolidate clear consolidate gain, " announcement " requirement, department of each district price, finance wants an organization to begin experience farming the price and collect fees supervisory examination. Whether does key examination press a demand about the unit the experience to reservation farming the price and collect fees policy undertook fair show and carry out correctly, those who cancel collect fees the project, rate that lower and the experience after adjusting farming whether does the price fall to real point. The country develops innovation appoint, the Ministry of finance will concern a section together, clear to each district rectify working progress circumstance to undertake superintend and director is checked, to clearing policy fulfils a circumstance to undertake selectiving examination. To violating compasses publish the quotation or collect fees of burden of policy accentuation farmer, once check solid should handle gravely, investigate direct responsibility person and the duty of concerned leader, should pass news media to give to typical case exposure.

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