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Countrywide cotton produces metaphase management opinion

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  Division of cotton of the Huanghe valley

Give priority to in order to close to, hurried accuses to be united in wedlock, accomplish accuse big young plant, hurried Xiaomiao, fill weak seedling, promote weak seedling to change, implementation is strong Miao Junheng grows, as soon as possible puts up high yield frame.

   One, scientific fat conduit manages

It is to apply fertilizer of firm Shi Lei early. To losing the seedling should apply fertilizer of firm Shi Lei early, master commonly mu apply urea 5-7 kilogram, cake, phosphate fertilizer each 25-50 kilogram. 2 it is to apply fertilizer of the heavy bell that apply a flower early. Be in commonly in July end of the first ten days of a month, occurrence 1-2 of bottom of cotton individual plant top application has when big a peach-shaped thing, mu apply urea 15-20 kilogram. Specific should visit appearance of pily the way corp is growing, change according to weather, master neatly. If weather is dry, base (bud) fertilizer is applied get less, soil fertility the way corp is growing of individual plant of thinner, cotton is weaker, hua Ling period should be applied early, apply again, accomplish " beautiful Shi Ling is used " . Ditch answers to be applied greatly when fertilization, in order to improve fertilizer efficiency. 3 it is to fill the topdressing that use a shell. Be in commonly by July at the beginning of August, in be opposite classy fertility cotton field, every mus are chased after apply urea 2.5-3 kilogram, strive for much knot bell, knot big bell.

   2, reasonable pruning management

It is to go Xie Zhi. Purify of as soon as possible does not have the Xie Zhi that uses value, reduce nutrient to use up. 2 it is dozen of tip. After entering cotton earthnut to grow metaphase, because of,want seedling, because be hit the ground, in time,carry pruning on the head. Make a time commonly, be in fatly in on July 20 around, high fertile ground but remit to by July. Density is 2500 - / of 4000 individual plant mu spring cotton, only individual plant can take fruit-bearing shoot 14 - 18; Density is 6000 - / of 8000 individual plant mu Xia Mian, only individual plant can take fruit-bearing shoot 6 - 8. 3 it is the needle that hit a limit. In Great Heat around, make edge top even to cotton field of be shadedby foilage, in order to control cotton individual plant transverse grow, every fruit-bearing shoot leaves 3-4 commonly fruit section. In addition, should seasonable erasure advocate bine and the shoot of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married that axillary section chief gives fruit-bearing shoot, mad branchwooden fork.

   3, seasonable and chemical adjusting control

Grow cotton field to flourishing, according to a few for many times principle, every mus should be used shrink the section installs 0.5-1 gram, add water 15-20 kilogram, gush is applied in surface of cotton individual plant, in order to control the way corp is growing of cotton individual plant. Day of the 7-8 after the top is made in cotton, general every mus are used shrink the section installs 3-5 gram, add water 15-25 or so kilograms, spray on coping of cotton individual plant and edge heart, can simplify later period pruning, add knot early Qiu Tao, increase a bell to weigh, prevent to have an insatiable desire for green late-maturing.
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