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Min fish chicken feed excessive melamine seized more than 400 times

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Ming Pao reported that milk powder in the Mainland of toxic chemicals found melamine, also appear in feeding the fish diets. Fujian Changle City law enforcement officers recently seized 150 tons of a fish processing plant excessive levels of melamine of more than 400 times the fish, the fish processing plant was closed down, the director also XingJu. Melamine China feed industry is quite common, the Ministry of Agriculture released a report early next year that there were still 11 brands of feed, excessive melamine. Said they had not seized 150 tons into the market According to News Network reports, Fuzhou, Fuzhou Changle departments, and on Friday night, from a seafood processing plant Changle Wen Ling, check out the 150 tons of fish meal containing melamine products, semi-finished products. Laboratory tests showed melamine per kg of fish meal in the levels between 1200 mg to 2000 mg range, far exceeding the national standard of 2.5 mg per kilogram, exceeding more than 400 times, but fortunately not to the market products. Police said the case involved the value of up to 60 million, the case is still under investigation. It is understood that fish meal is a high protein feed, mainly for poultry, livestock and fish, crabs, shrimp and other aquatic animals. Mainly from the chemical residue of melamine, the mainland media have repeatedly exposed the feed containing melamine poisoning cases. Sanlu milk scandal as early as before, China's exports of pet food was found to contain excessive melamine. "The New York Times" reported in 2007, the Chinese lead poisoning of thousands of U.S. animal feed, disease, and added melamine as an "open secret." "Daily Economic News" in 2008 quoted the industry, adding melamine in the feed, back in 2002 or so popular in the aquaculture industry, then gradually "promotion" to the livestock and poultry industries. "Southern Rural News" quoted experts point out that the major domestic manufacturers of melamine waste business is very hot, the main flow of feed raw materials industry, and "little or no surplus." Plus high protein detected melamine help Although we are repeatedly exposed, but the production of melamine in the feed is still repeated. Ministry of Agriculture announced earlier this year, the quality of inspection reports found, there were still excessive melamine in 11 brands feed, the most serious of samples exceeded 20 times. After adding melamine in the feed will be drawn in the laboratory a high protein content and some businesses to save costs. Feed contain excessive melamine, to illness and death of animals, but how much harm the human body is not yet clear.
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