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Chinese feed ingredients trading portal e-commerce market among feed ingredients

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Gateway to China feed ingredients trading feed ingredients is a professional modern e-commerce company in electronic transactions. Founded in late 2007, the Chinese feed ingredients trading portal is Municipal Government of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province Key Fu Support, provincial "circulation of information" demonstration project, is a feed for the industry, based in East China, serving the whole of the large-scale e-commerce demonstration project. Qingzhou People's Government as the implementation of industrial structure and geographical location play a tune Whole, to adapt to the new important measure of economic development of the times, feed raw material market of East China aims to use advanced information and network technology services and the transformation of traditional feed business, so as to enhance and optimize feed the competitiveness of enterprises, in order to provide High overall competitiveness and leading role to play basic role. Gateway to China feed material transaction, based on the feed materials related industries, professional services and feed ingredients related companies, as the feed raw material manufacturers, buyers, traders provide one-stop service, reducing the feed industry Related to the management costs, logistics costs, information costs, thus increasing the competitiveness of feed industry enterprises. Meanwhile, a large number of feed ingredients trading portal to provide industry information to guide development of the industry, guiding line Industry enterprises real-time control of industrial information. China's trade gateway to the main feed ingredients for the feed ingredients business of trading and spot trading warehouse receipts, while the fourth side to provide information services and logistics support services, and follow-up to provide financing services such as warehouse receipt collateral loan . As a modern e-commerce company, a sound organizational structure, and reasonable business management processes to ensure the smooth development and effective customer service. Gateway to China feed material transaction, the credit guarantee system to the core, the whole mode of electronic business transactions, will significantly reduce transaction costs for feed companies to reduce distribution costs, expand sales channels to avoid debt default, To achieve information flow, material flow and product flow of perfect unity. Blowing a storm of revolution feed industry, feed industry's sales to change the traditional procurement model, feed manufacturers reduce procurement costs, increased sales of plant feed ingredients Home sales channels. Gateway to China feed ingredients trading feed ingredients to create the largest information service platform, information platform, third-party online electronic trading platform, well-known B2B industry information portal is our constant pursuit of the goal , As a raw material spot physical domestic feed market information services industry leader, as the price of feed ingredients guidance centers, information dissemination center is our mission. With the constantly improving quality of information services Volume, improve services, gateway to China feed material transaction in the near future will become China's largest B2B trading platform of feed raw materials, information service platform, information platform.
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