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Fishery of pasturage of Hunan of the 2nd China and feed industry exposition

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Showpiece time: 2007-12-6 comes 2007-12-8Application ends: 2007-11-30Periodic: 1 year /Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The publicExhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Hunan / the Changsha CitySpecific address: The road in Xiao Xiang of the Changsha City 61Showpiece industry: Feed business / company of animal husbandry productGinseng extend range: ● new breed: Domestic animals new breed, rasorial new breed, fish new breed, new breed of animal of special type economy, new breed of pearl shellfish new breed and pet, health care of animal drug, biological product, vaccinal, animal is tasted, pet decorates product, pet hairdressing product to wait; ● new technology: Cultivate birds aquatic product is thoroughbred breeding, progenitive technology, health breeds a technology, cultivate birds technology of aquiculture disease prevention and cure, cultivate birds aquatic product store carry, processing technique, refrigeration lasts technology, pet raises a technology, pearl breeds a technology, piscatorial navigation reachs communication technology, aquatic product catchs new technology, pearl product machines new technology, water quality monitors a technology, disease quarantine technology, the product detects the technology; ● facilities facilities: Breed automation equipment, hatch breeding equipment, check (epidemic disease) measure equipment, lukewarm control device, cold storage frozen plant, animal drug produces equipment, vet appliance, add oxygen system, pot (bar, surround) establishment, breed pool pump, the things on catching shipping, boat, marine equipment of machinery of the instrument equipment, navigation that aid fishing and communication equipment, treatment, pet basket is abandoned, training appliance; ● feed industry: Mix feed, formula feed beforehand, condense feed, special type feed, feedstuff, additive reachs treatment craft, feed machinery, feed is packed reach relevant product. Food of fish of ● cultivate birds: Cold fresh food, refrigerant food, salt dry food, tasteless dry food, dried meat make food, canister make food, convenient food, recreational food wait; Product of ● pearl series: Health care of food of pearl headgear, pearl, pearl is tasted, product of pearl hairdressing beautiful skin; ● company image: Trade the press, magazine, website, place of scientific research courtyardSponsor square: 湖南省养殖业协会Undertake square: 湖南红星国际展览有限公司Assist do square: 湖南省农业产业化协会
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