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Raise a fryer to use grease feed how scientificly

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It has grease feed the characteristic with metabolizable energy high cost, it is the indispensable important raw material in the ration when the specialist that raise chicken undertakes the fryer standardizes production. But partial specialist is in in raising fryer process, unscientific to the use of grease, main show is mixing ration inhomogenous, add scale little, ration deposits time to grow wait for a problem, affected a fryer thereby raise the effect, for this, the author will raise the fryer's science to use methodological introduction to be as follows with grease now, make offerings to gallinaceous door is referenced.

One, the destination that adds raise to feed grease and action.

The fryer is had grow growth is rapid, the characteristic with exuberant metabolization, accordingly, taller to the nutrient requirement of ration, be like fryer of moxa dimension mattress raise a level, early days crude protein 22 % , metabolizable energy 12.5MJ/kg, later period crude protein 18.5 % , metabolizable energy 13.4MJ/kg, so high energy asks, if corn of in order to, soya-bean cake gives priority to the ration that make up,achieve hard, because this needs to add certain proportional oil, ability satisfies a fryer to grow needs energy demand. Consider to confirm via the experiment, after oil is being added in fryer ration, energy and protein utilization rate rise, the fryer grows speed is accelerated apparently.

2, the sort of feed grease and add a capacity aptly.

The sort of grease includes animal oil and vegetable oil. Animal oil is like oil of lardy, ox, fish oil to wait, its metabolizable energy is worth in 33.50MJ/kg above. Vegetable oil is like the low metabolizable energy such as oil of rapeseed oil, cottonseed, corn oil to also be in 29.3MJ/kg. Will tell commonly, early days is the optimal dosage of the grease in fryer ration 0.5 % , later period is 5 % ~ 6 % , make the metabolizable energy in ration achieves 13.38 ~ 14.22MJ/kg, can maintain the fryer's faster growth rate and first-rate economic benefits.

3, the accretion of grease uses a method.

Because grease is agglutinant big, so if add undeserved mix very hard divide evenly. When collecting labour of choose and employ persons to add, should accomplish first heat first dissolve of grease be in harmony, enlarge dilute with powdery makings stage by stage again, blend equably, mix even with the other part of odd ration finally, grease of avoid by all means mixes with feed additive directly, in case ' oily one ball ' phenomenal happening. Usable also atomizer sprays grease equably to grain feed apparently. Produce grain feed conditionally, also can add the 30 % oil that increases an amount in grain feed, additional 70 % gush expects to grain apparently, raise dainty sex of the fryer thereby.

4, a few problems that use and add grease to should notice.

① cannot use degenerative oil, want the complement of the nutriment in noticing pair of ration at the same time. After grease is added, because raised the energy level in ration, other nutrition composition also should be done in feed adjust accordingly, should carry protein-caloric ratio especially changeless. Time of ② feed store shoulds not be too long. Because more not saturated fatty acid is contained in grease, time of keep in storage grows too or acid happens to be defeated below high temperature condition. Deposit time shorter better, will tell commonly, keep in storage does not exceed summer of oiliness fat feed 7 days, it is advisable to do not exceed 3 weeks in the winter. Antioxidant should be joined in ③ feed. Because cheer feed to have the characteristic of easy oxidation, accordingly, joining antioxidant is indispensable.
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