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The pig uses feed of careless pink straw make reach use method

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Raw material chooses to smash with raw material treatment. Crop straw should choose medium above to change without mildew, all sorts of cankered plant straw, be like broken bits of corn stalk, soja stalk, fireweed, leaf, lees, pink, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, bacterium stalk of broken bits of branny, vinegar, straw, wheat, all can make raw material. raw material (had better be in 3 kinds of above) insolation, become fine branny state with disintegrator pink. Ferment with biology agent 500 grams, ferment agent and careless pink scale are 1% , namely 100 kilograms of careless pink add 1 jin to ferment the agent adds clean water 150 jins, 180 jins, before fermenting, ferment biology the agent is put inside solvent first (crock, bucket, Chi Jun but) with a few 15 degrees, 10 degrees water is deliquescent, mix adequately with the club all, make its dissolve melt into ferments fluid. Ferment after fluid mix up, in proportion will careless pink and ferment fluid mixes, sufficient and wet, wet degree catchs the pink that draft to be held with the hand it can squeeze an a few drop drip is advisable to can squeeze an a few drop drips. Load the fodder that has mixed (crock, pool, bucket) internal pressure is close, with plastic film the lid fathers above, plunge into all round close, the condition of 40 degrees of 10 degrees of above, above issues park temperature, ferment 2 days, 5 days of live thing that become fragrance of soft, ripe, acerbity, wine namely feed. If sealed save very for a long time not degenerative, also but insolation or drying are saved. The feed of careless pink biology after feed recipe and raise feed a method to ferment cannot onefold use, , must mix with product use. If match for private use oneself, can use the feed of careless pink biology of 30% , the corn of 70% , bran, soya-bean cake mix feed a swine. Also can press the feed of careless pink biology of 30% , city of 70% to make work total value feed mixes hello. To facilitate culturist masters recipe and application, can consult this recipe applies. Careless pink biology expects 30% , corn 45% , bran 14.1% , soya-bean cake 4% , the beans dregses of rice 12% , salt 0.15% multidimensional 0.01% , microelement 0.05% . Level of feed recipe nutrition is: Digestible energy 2.648 thermie / kilogram, thick albumen 14.3% , crude fibre 9.04% , phosphor 0.39% , lysine 0.66% , egg ammonia is acerbity 0.77% . This recipe can be achieved grow the nutrient standard of fat pig. Day feeds a volume 2.5 kilograms, 3 kilograms (also can master neatly according to size feed a volume) . The note is used at fermenting the bacterium fluid of fodder, want to deserve to be used now now, cannot remain, cannot place time to grow too more. Fermenting in the process, container of feed a machine cannot flat, midway cannot open the envelop. Character appraisal, can use look, the smell, method that feel has identification. Look: Ferment good careless pink shows golden color or dark reddish brown, grow without mould or blacken; Smell: Ferment good careless pink stuff has acerbity wine sweet smell, wait for peculiar smell without cankered metamorphism; Feel: Ferment a lot of careless pink expects, softness wants before feeling sensory comparing to ferment with the hand. Take when using the fodder that has fermented, want one is taken with, the rest of the part should continue impaction is sealed.

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