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Nutrition of goose of cheeper of bright heart goose needs to reach ration recipe

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Foreign research is more, our country has not been made at present piece suit our country goose to plant and introduce what foreign goose plants to raise a level, because this is produced,often be used in practice or draw lessons from what foreign goose plants to raise a level. But, the character that the actual condition that we need fibrous root raises goose employment according to our country and our country goose plant undertakes choosing, try to revise and be adjusted according to raising the effect actually. One, the main nutrition material that the place of nutrient need goose of Lang De goose needs includes 6 kinds big. Among them 3 kinds big are carbohydrate. 1, carbohydrate (include amylaceous, saccharide and crude fibre) , it is the main energy source of all life activities. According to the report, goose can amount to 40%—50% to the digestive rate of crude fibre, but goose is digested to the semi-cellulose in crude fibre only rate is stronger, and to cellulose especially the digestible energy power of lignin is very limited. Because of the crude fibre in ration of goose of this proposal cheeper with 6% the left and right sides is advisable. 2, the corporeal foundation that protein is all life. Goose compares chicken, duck to protein requirement low, the response that the reaction of protein to ration change does not have pair of energy levels to change is so apparent. Think commonly, level of protein of cheeper goose ration is particularly important, but protein is achieved 20% can assure to grow the most quickly speed, exorbitant too low all should not be. In the production that raise goose, because the ration of goose basically is comprised by plant sex feed, acid of because this is very easy acid of devoid egg ammonia, lysine, lubricious ammonia and revive the indispensible and amino acid such as ammoniac acid (amino acid is protein compositive composition) . Should notice collocation when cooperating ration accordingly a variety of protein feed, or add complex amino acid will adjust ration the balance of amino acid. 3, mineral it is to make sure goose body health and cheeper goose grow normally the indispensible nutrient of development. Stone pink, bone dust, calcium hydrophosphate should be added to wait additionally normally when ration cooperates with compensatory calcium phosphor. It is very important also that the calcic phosphor that keeps appropriate is compared, commonly brood period is 1.5—2: 1. Other mineral indispensable also, add through premix more. The mineral need of goose, relevant research is centered in calcic phosphor respect more, other involve very few. About the vitamin nutrition need of goose, the vitamin need that chicken often consults in production is right amount add. 2, below the premise that ration recipe is satisfying nutrition to need when recipe ration, make full use of local feed resource, reduce feed cost as far as possible, raise economic benefits. Goose is taller to the utilization rate of crude fibre feed, can consider to use contain the feed with more crude fibre, but pink of corn stalk, rice husk because lignin content is high, utilization rate is very poor, not be the ideal feedstuff of goose, cheeper goose period had better not use. What use diversification of feed do one's best, the nutrient composition of different feed sort is different, a variety of feed can have the effect with complementary nutrition, in order to raise the nutrient value of feed and utilization rate. Goose belongs to part food fowl, long-term since, our country country is used generally depasture raise means to raise goose, and use onefold cereal feed, although cost is low, but nutrient component is single, the growth that affected goose not only development is mixed kind of play that goose produces egg latent capacity, and the waste that creates feed. Because cheeper goose phase grows relatively rate is rapidder, need higher energy and protein level, more such to the bright heart goose that introduces from abroad. Offer following prescriptions especially (see a table 1) : The energy in this recipe is 2.91 thermie / kilogram; Crude protein level 20% , the energy with ample supply, can protein grow in order to make sure health of goose of cheeper of bright heart goose is fast; Lysine, contain sulfur the need that amino acid all can satisfy raise to feed Lang De goose, still add in this recipe with the flesh of 0.15% alkaline, can replace partial lysine and egg ammonia acid, can promote Chu Esheng to grow growth. The ration crude fibre that goose of French Lang De feeds standard cheeper goose is 5.8% , this recipe is 6.0% , more tallish than French recipe. 1% premix can satisfy the need of microelement and vitamin basically.

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