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One, the nutrient need of otter hare. At present the country still does not have unified otter hare to raise a level, the author combines his old research positive result, reference is domestic and international much research data, made nutrition of otter hare ration recommend a level, through use of nearly 5 years, the result is favorable. Express nutrition of feed of total value of 1 otter hare to recommend a quantity (Heibei agriculture college is a mountainous area institute proposal, 1998) project 1 ~ in March age grow ~ gave otter hare in April hare of lactation of column commodity hare is gravid hare keeps hare digestible energy (million is anxious / kilogram) crude fat of 10.46 9.0 of ~ of 10.46 10.46 9 of 10.46 9 ~ (% ) crude fibre of 3 3 3 3 3 (% ) ~ of 16 15 of ~ of 14 14 of ~ of 15 12 of ~ of 12 ~ 14 13According to nutrient need and local feed resource, designing economic feed prescription is the main job that every dimensions changes hare field to must be done. The method that feed recipe devises is very much, wait like diamonds law, law trying difference, but use feed recipe software to combine practice experience design more at present. Save the author the feed resource of most place according to me now, a recipe of the design is recommended as follows, offer reference only. Express hare of wet nurse of secrete of feedstuff of recipe of feed of 2 otter hare gravid female rabbit, plant fair hare grows beans of 22 20 25 of corn of 4 10 4 of otter hare wheat bran dregses of rice cake of earthnut of 8.2 5 7.5 (take a skin) dish of 3 3.5 4 of cake of cotton of 12 8 8 dregses of rice 8 10 9 of rice bran of 13 15 27.4 of fry of earthnut of 5 4.3 4.7 of skin of earthnut of 3 3.5 4 wine chamfer 10 5 0: Hare is happy it is hare measures elemental additive with vitamin and badge; The ball uses preparation of the bug that fight a ball for hare completely, all be Heibei farming development of big a mountainous area institute. Pick from: 2004.1.10.4 edition " Heibei science and technology signs up for "

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