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Fish oil considers to sum up in the application in rasorial feed

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Fish oil is the grease that extracts for raw material with living in deep-sea fish, compare with other grease photograph, its marked characteristic depends on containing a lot ofN-3 model get together more not saturated fatty acid (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid, PUFA) , collect is nutritional, dainty gender and functional sex at an organic whole, have certain research and applied value to developing functional sex feed and functional sex food. The article studies mediumly in the modern production that raise birds to fish oil with application, include fish oil character of function, healthy to rasorial production state, body and birds egg products pledge the applied effect that wait reachs its influencing factor to wait for one overview.

1. Fish oil produces the effect of function to fowl

Ration adds fish oil the manufacturing function of ameliorable fowl, the growth that if promote chicken,the skeletal development and the progenitive character that raise young cock, fryer that because suffer from ascites disease to bring about,alleviates dies and brings about because of ball bug disease of function reduce; But the yield that does not affect fowl egg quantity, egg is weighed and feed efficiency. The unripe long presence that ration adds fish oil to whether promote fowl is worn different story.

The normal growth that ration adds fish oil to be able to promote chicken skeleton through reducing the proportion of N-6 and N-3 PUFA (Watkins, 1996) ; When the ration of young cock adds the fish oil of 5 % and the corn oil of 5 % respectively, raise feeds offspring of fish oil group to plant egg be fertilized is led (96 % ) oily group of corn of remarkable prep above (91.6 % ) (Blesbois, 1997) , its mechanism is likely with the prostate inside airframe the interpose of element and corpus luteum ketone guides about (Pike, 1999) ; Kelso (1997) content of the N-3 in considering to discover ration adds fish oil to be able to raise cock spermatozoon significantly PUFA, reduce the content of N-6 PUFA; But the proportion that N-6 PUFA holds in cock spermatozoon fatty acid is highest from beginning to end; Engstre (1975) research discovers ration adds fish oil to be able to promote cockscomb to grow the development with sexual gland.

Ration adds fish oil tender to contracting ascites disease and infection the chicken of disease of bug of Ai Meier ball group the productivity with be maintained normal can show favorable result. Add in the ration that suffers from ascites disease fryer fish oil and mix adipose when, fryer mortality is respectively 0.85% with 3.41% , the day weightening finish of chicken of fish oil group is more adipose than mixing at the same time the group is high 3.6 % (fish oil of early days feed or mix adipose accretion the level all is 3 % , later period all is 2% ) (Mcnaughton, 1996) . Collect feed the fryer that does not contain ball bug drug infection is tender when bug of Ai Meier ball is ill, ration adds N-3 PUFA to be able to alleviate of chicken production function reduce (Allen, 1998) . Korver (1997) point out right now of fish oil optimal add a quantity to be 5 % , when adding a level to be 2.5 % , the result that produces compares the difference of 5 % , but still can alleviate significantly of chicken production function reduce.
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