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Aquatic product feed is cast hello tell science

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Feed is cast feeding is the crucial link in aquiculture, a few breed door because fail to master correctly,send the measure that feeds feed, do not know the crop failure that identifies fish full, not exquisite send fed means, bring about per unit area yield low, disease is much, economic benefits is poor.

Master water of groovy standard spring lukewarm low, the fish is small, photograph appetite small, when sunshine air temperature is elevatory, can put in a few concentrated feed. Come when gas temperature rise when 15 ℃ above, the quantity that cast raise can increase gradually, cast everyday feed a quantity to hold fish total weight 1% the left and right sides. When temperature rise of the water at the beginning of summer is controlled to 20 ℃ , cast the 1% ~ that feed a quantity to hold piscine body gross weight everyday 2% , but also be sickish season at this moment, because this wants to notice right amount cast hello, make sure feed is dainty, even. Midsummer water is warm when rising to 30 ℃ above, fish appetite is exuberant, grow rapid, should increase cast hello, day casts the 3% ~ that feed a quantity to hold fish total weight 4% , but need to note feed quality and prevent surplus material, and need to adjust water quality, prevent to pollute. Fall weather turns cool, water Wen Jian is low, but water quality is still stable, fish continues to grow, still can increase cast hello, day casts the 2% ~ that feed a quantity to hold fish total weight about 3% . Winter water is warm drop continuously, fish appetite decreases with each passing day, when fine day enrages Dan Zaiqing, still but a few casting hello, in order to hold piscine put oneself in another's position puffy degree.

1. Breed the fish of phyletic and different sort, its grow potentially ability and grow what need nutrition to ask each are not identical, accordingly its cast raise rate to also have distinction. If grass carp is in,the rate casting raise when 25 ℃ are controlled is 5% ~ 9% , dace is 2% . With sort its cast raise rate is endless also and same, if the Nero collect of weight 100 G is not a fish to cast raise,lead for 1.6% , and Luo Fei fish can achieve the Mozambique that is the same as weight 2.4% .

2. Eat feed time to be cast according to groovy standard after feeding a certain quantity of feed, fish eats time to be not worth 2 hours, show the inadequacy that cast raise, should proper grow in quantity. If be fed through be being cast more for long normally, fish eats feed time to be decreased suddenly short to 2 hours, demonstrative fish body already weightening finish, should adjust cast feed a standard. Cast feed grass kind, the feed such as snail, mussel, general with 7 hours of ~ 8 hours eat to be a standard.

3. General fertilizer water shows pisciculture water scene lubricious or glossy dark green is cinnamon, water quality is weaker in the morning, afternoon gradually thick. The diaphaneity of water is controlled in 30 centimeters, show fertilizer spends moderate, can undertake be castinged normally feeding; When diaphaneity is more than 40 centimeters, water quality is too poor should increase the amount that cast raise; When diaphaneity is less than 20 centimeters, water quality is too fat, should stop or decrease cast bait. This is in advocate the pond surface that raises silver crap, variegated carp is behaved particularly apparently, when water quality is too fat, silver crap, variegated carp can appear a big, end small, back the phenomenon with narrow, faint move about, what have emaciated maimed person even is individual bleach swim face, this shows the plankton in water is too little. Advocate the water that raises a carp can be cast certainly according to the turbidity of water how many what feed, if whole Chi Shui is very cloudy, show slimy yellow, exclude heavy rain or factitious account, certifiable carp is by the pool the activity is extremely frequent, ceaseless arch mud and the substance that deliver water is thick, can decide from this the carp is in hungry condition, should increase cast feed a volume.
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