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The feed of ostrich and feed recipe

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1, viridescence feed

The feed of ostrich basically has two kinds big, it is viridescence feed, 2 it is to cooperate concentrated feed.

Ostrich feed is given priority to with viridescence feed, occupy the 70 % of all ration about, grown ostrich day wants blue material 5 kilogram of 2.5 ~ . Viridescence feed requirement is new. Without decay. Without pesticide pollution, abluent do not take clay. Before raise is fed mincing, length is 0.5 ~ 3
Centimeter, the freedom in putting groove is collected feed.

Although ostrich can digest crude fibre, but the coarse fodder with straw and lignification very high rate not only utilization rate is low, and create gland stomach block easily still. So, ostrich is taller to the requirement of coarse fodder.

Answer commonly with bird's-foot. Gramineous grazing serves as the feed of ostrich with all sorts of green vegetables. Include lucerne. Red 3 leaves. Column flowers and plants. The elephant is female. Huang Cao. Sweet potato cane. Suffer from Mai dish. Carrot. Ryegrass. Mexican corn. Pagoda tree leaf. In be raised actually
All sorts of viridescence feed are reasonable and tie-in, it is better that its raise the effect.

Following plant is poisonous to ostrich harmful:

Azalea. Black locust. Green green alga. Castor-oil plant. Tendril Tuo collect. Delphinium. Digitalis. Laburnum. Cowbane. Indian turnip. Chinese juniper belongs to a plant. Thorn beans belongs to grass. Sang Chen. Monkshood. Black nightshade. Oak. Oleander. Hill hyacinth bean belongs to a plant to wait.

2, of concentrated feed make up

The raw material that ostrich concentrated feed uses and pig. Chicken is similar, the biggest characteristic is OK use careless noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch in great quantities. Cooperate concentrated feed to had better make grain feed, ostrich likes to eat to also reduce waste at the same time, bead diameter with 6 ~ 8 millimeter are advisable.

(The product of 1) cheeper ostrich is made up

1 ~ in March age in the compound of fledgling, the content of crude protein is in 22 % of 21 % ~ , if pure feed those who contain high protein to pledge to mix product, very quick meeting brings about the happening of leg disease. Its are right calcic. The requirement of the mineral element such as phosphor compares chickling. Duck is tall
Much, feed of a few calcic can be added to be like conch pink in feed. Calcium carbonate. Calcium hydrophosphate. If feed cheeper ostrich with chickling feed, should add 2 % ~ the bone dust of 2.5 % , can prevent the happening of leg disease effectively.

Recommend feed recipe:

Corn 56 % , wheaten 6 % , the beans dregses of rice 12 % , bran 3 % , entrance fish meal 6 % , lucerne careless pink 10 % , salt 0.4 % , bicarbonate is calcic 1.8 % , conch pink 0.8 % , bone dust 3 % , egg ammonia is acerbity 0.4 % , lysine 0.4 % , a variety of dimension
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