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Feed recipe itself has the problem effect to stock raising

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Feed recipe is the base that has formula feed, if feed recipe itself has a problem to be able to affect stock raising production directly, can bring beyond recall loss to aquaculture sometimes, feed recipe designs the problem of existence to have:
Of application raise a level not agile

When devising feed recipe, the architect should consult one raises a standard to design. Raising the need that the standard recommends to measure is the animal falls in appropriate ambient conditions, healthy animal asks to the lowest of all sorts of nutrient, if be when recipe design, raise a standard to regard as invariable, without the growth that the basis raises actual creature the change of ambient conditions and feed are in the nutrient material loss in process of production, keep in storage, especially the circumstance such as the loss of the vitamin makes proper adjustment, the result makes the animal cannot satisfy its nutrition need, develop its adequately very hard to produce property.

Recipe design is unreasonable

Lack of material of the nutrition in the feed recipe of the design or nutrient material are lopsided, send indispose to satisfy the production of the animal to need, cause production efficiency is low; Duration is long, bring about an animal possibly still lack of certain nutrition material, the ability of counteractive disease drops.

Scale of ⑴ energy albumen is unsuited: The scale relation of the energy in feed and albumen is compared with energy albumen commonly express. When feed recipe is designed, what should satisfy above all is energy need, and requirement energy and protein scale are appropriate. Animal “ is can and feed ” , when energy is contented, the animal can stop to collect feed. If energy albumen is compared exorbitant when, the intake that can cause protein is insufficient, and when energy albumen is lower than passing, protein intake can exceed the need of oneself, create protein waste.

Scale of ⑵ calcic phosphor is lopsided: Use cheap stone pink or calcic material to reduce feed cost to make carrier and thinner in great quantities, bring about calcic phosphor to compare lopsided, affected calcium phosphor and other mineral absorption.

⑶ must amino acid is lopsided: The recipe noted protein quantity only, and ignored must the supply of amino acid, if lysine is lacked in pig feed; Ammonia of nitrogen of the lack in gallinaceous feed is acerbity, the lack of these amino acid restricted an animal to be opposite in feed of other and amino acid use, make the protein utilization rate in feed is reduced.

Raw material is chosen unreasonable

Raw material choice is undeserved, often bring disaster of a series of hidden trouble sex to stock raising production, seek the result that feed cost reduces one-sidedly, can cause those who breed totle drilling cost to rise considerably, it is the outbreak of annihilative epidemic disease even.

⑴ protein source chooses unreasonable: Overmuch ground uses cottonseed to dregs of rice with colza, the result causes animal indigestion or toxic wait for a symptom.
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