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Jiangxi agriculture hall begins feed quality safety special punish acts

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Fulfil a Ministry of Agriculture to carry out " the announcement that superintends the job about enhancing feed quality security further " spirit, province agriculture hall decides to begin by a definite date the feed quality safety of a month is special punish acts.

According to the requirement of the Ministry of Agriculture, my hall was made " special repair work carries out safety of quality of complete province feed plan " , produce the key enterprise and milk cow farm to albumen feedstuff, feed door match feed to have repair oneself. The albumen raw material that should examine albumen feed to produce enterprise, large feed business mainly to albumen feedstuff and milk cow feed produce company raw material, accomplish fish 3 get together cyanogen amine (common says " albumen essence " ) 100% destroy by melting or burning, the albumen raw material that produces a business to milk cow feed has 100% sampling observation; Want the 100% production that hold card to feed and company of feed additive production, feed produces a business 100% build production to record system and raw material to check and accept a system into the factory, rate of sampling observation of milk cow feed is achieved 100% ; Should milk cow farm door match feed quality safety to serve as daily superintendency stress oneself, farm of dimensions milk cow door match feed examination rate to achieve oneself 100% .

The action begins from this day, divide deploy, concentration to punish, superintend and director is checked and sum up 4 phase. Begin through what special punish acts, will put an end to stoutly violate in feed compasses add 3 get together the harmful and chemical material such as cyanogen amine, cogent safeguard feed and milk quality are safe, stimulative feed and milk cow profession persist healthy progress. (wild goose grass)

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